Council of Burgmann College


The Council of Burgmann College was incorporated in August 1966.

Burgmann Council consists of the following members:

  • Twelve Councillors chosen from among the participating churches;
  • Two Councillors appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University;
  • The Principal of the College (ex officio);
  • The Deputy Principal of the College (ex officio);
  • Three Councillors elected from the academic staff of the College by the academic and executive staff of the College, each of whom must be a resident member of the College;
  • Four Councillors chosen by and from Convocation, at least two of whom must be former residents of the College;
  • The President of the Burgmann Residents Association (ex officio);
  • Five Councillors (not being members of the academic and executive staff of the College), elected, in a manner approved by Burgmann Council, by the resident members of the College (including the academic and executive staff of the College) from among their number, provided that at least one of these Councillors shall be resident in the postgraduate facilities and at least one of these Councillors shall be resident elsewhere in the College;
  • Five additional persons elected by Burgmann Council.

The Burgmann Council meets twice a year in March (annual general meeting) and September (annual electoral meeting).

Council Membership

Anglican Church of Australia        Mr Greg Mills (Chairman)
Anglican Church of Australia        Dr Benjamin Edwards
Anglican Church of Australia        Mr Bruce Glendinning
Uniting Church in Australia           Prof Campbell Macknight
Uniting Church in Australia           Dr Bradley Opdyke
Uniting Church in Australia           Mr Robert Tulip
Baptist Union                                    Mr James Carter
Baptist Union                                    (Vacant)
Churches of Christ                          Dr Les Davies
Churches of Christ                          Rev Ken Perrin
Australian National University       Dr Rebecca Tan
Australian National University       Associate Professor Wayne Morgan
Ex officio                                              Ms Sally Renouf (Principal)
Ex officio                                              Ms Cris Clucas (Deputy Principal)
Ex officio                                              BRA President Mr Oliver Byrne
Academic Reps                            Resident (Undergrad)Mr Kirby Wraith
Academic Reps                            Resident (Undergrad) Miss Charlotte Young
Academic Reps                            Resident (Undergrad) Mr Henry Wise
Convocation                                 Mr Matthew Lobb (Secretary) (Alumni Association President)
Convocation                                 Ms Robyn Byrne OAM
Convocation                                 Mr Robin Brown
Convocation                                 VACANT
Elected by Council                       Ms Betty Ferguson (Treasurer)
Elected by Council                       Dr James Popple
Elected by Council                       Ms Susanna Price
Elected by Council                       Ms Jo Schumann
Elected by Council                       Mr Christopher Naughton
Resident (Undergrad)                  Miss Lara Hather                  
Resident (Undergrad)                  Mr Mike Zhou                  
Resident (Postgrad)                       position not filled                  
Resident (Undergrad)                  Miss Fenna Kroon                  
Resident (Undergrad)                  Charlie Crawford                  
Resident (Undergrad)                  Miss Angelina Inthavong                  
Resident (Postgrad)                       Position not filled