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Tributes for Harriet Nixon

'Darling Harriet,
We miss your place in the family, your voice where we listened, family hugs, sharing precious moments, picnics in the paddocks. Your premature loss and the prospect of not seeing you again and developing into the exceptional woman you were destined to become is excruciating. Your beautiful smile, grace, elegance, wisdom, maturity and insight beyond your 21 years, kindness, eyes that sparkle and sense of fun are purely precious. The vast communities you touched and immersed yourself in, particularly at home, are inspired by your generous and compassionate nature, value of education, leadership and encouragement in others. Your love for your family is unswerving. Forever a loyal, devoted, cherished daughter and loving sister to Liss you were so proud to be, treasured and integral family member and adored friend. We are immensely grateful to you for the legacy of beautiful caring friends; we can all share your gorgeous memories together, supporting one another. Hat your pure heart of gold is safely nestled in our hearts and where ever we step, we are never without you.' Fiona, Ralph and Liss Nixon

‘Whilst our immense sadness still exists today, our gratitude to Burgmann College provides the recipient of this award a small glimpse of Harriet’s pathway and recognition of her legacy. Hat had many attributes. She knew where her horizon was whilst being compassionate and respectful of others. Community focused, driven with ambition and a willingness to learn. Leadership, common courtesy and confidence oozed through Harriet. She was a confident communicator, empathetic yet thought provoking in conversation. Whilst her void is noticeable her spirit lives on, an individual who inspired many including her family.’ Jock Langley, Uncle

'We knew Hattie from the day she was born, and she was always a very bright, happy and positive spark in our lives. She was the bestie of our daughter Caitlin as they grew up together from infancy and was like a second daughter to us as we shared many joyful times at the beach on the NSW south coast, Melbourne and her hometown area of Moss Vale. We were all absolutely devastated to lose her in the prime of her youth when such promising times lay ahead. It helps to know that her important legacy lives on with this scholarship, giving encouragement to those who also want to make a big contribution to society. We need more of it.' Heather Ewart, ABC Back Roads and Barrie Cassidy, former host of the ABC's Insiders and now chair of Old Parliament House, MOAD, in Canberra

'Though we deeply miss her every day, it brings comfort to think how proud and humbled she would be, knowing that her spirit of giving back continues to inspire and support others in her memory. This scholarship is not just a way to honour her; it's a continuation of her profound impact on the world, encouraging others to pursue their dreams and aspirations with the same passion and grace she lived her life.' Samantha Beresford Head of Government Relations & Regional Development Charles Sturt University

'I am in my 20th year of being part of the Burgmann community working in Reception. Burgmann is like a large family and I have been privileged and honoured to be part of this amazing institution. This College is I believe unique and above all else epitomises everything that a College for young people should be. It is inclusive, understanding, and caring and is a home away from home. All the staff know the residents and I think that is what sets Burgmann apart from the other Halls and Colleges. I knew Harriet Nixon well and she was vibrant, passionate, inclusive, generous, caring and inspirational and fitted with the ethos of Burgmann so well. I am so grateful to Fiona, Ralph and Liss for the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings not only about Harriet but the place she called home for a short while. Margaret Cadman, Deputy Manager, Residential Services, Burgmann College

'I first came across Harriet Nixon before she even chose to come to Burgmann. I met her parents as they came on a tour around the College as Hat was overseas. I loved Harriet’s parents immediately and from what they told me about her I just knew she would be the right fit for Burgmann. As it so happened, I was proud to be Harriet’s RA on 3H – her first year of university. From day one, Harriet thew herself into college life and was the life and soul of our floor, and the perfect embodiment of Burgmann values – kind, caring, welcoming, funny and who could forget the cheeky smile. Harriet was quite simply one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She would welcome people into her room for late night chats, provide advice should you need it (and if you didn’t too!!), and was always keen to help with uni work. One of her greatest characteristics was her drive and motivation. Harriet immediately found a job to pay for her extra-curricular activities but more importantly she wanted to pursue her passion for politics. Hat found a job working for the Nationals and settled with Fiona Nash MP becoming an influential and key member of her team. I would love it when she would talk to me about her work in Parliament – that smile and enthusiasm was even more evident. Finally, pearls and RMs. What a winning combo. That was Harriet.' Alumnus Kieran Bergholcs (2013-2015)

'Harriet Nixon’s leadership qualities and sense of community service remain a great source of inspiration to the Burgmann and wider ANU community. While a resident at Burgmann College, Harriet excelled academically, led social justice initiatives and certainly made the most of the opportunities available to her at ANU and in Canberra generally. This scholarship, as well as being a fitting tribute to Harriet, will hopefully inspire future recipients to embrace that same spirit of servant leadership Harriet wove into everyday life.' Alumnus Morgan See (2016-2017)

As Harriet’s godfather I was very aware of her love for rural Australia and her commitment to ensure country kids have the same opportunities as city kids. I strongly support this very important initiative.Hon Robert Webster

My beautiful intelligent god daughter Harriet, was on the cusp of making an indelible contribution to this country. Her family and friends and Australia will miss this wonderful person. Jenny Hawley, precious family friend

'Harriet wasn't just a dear friend who I had the utmost privilege of getting to know whilst at the ANU, she was also a shining light in what a good ANU student could be. She was an old soul whose beauty was often mistaken for Audrey Hepburn, having an appreciation for music across the eras from Don McLean to Usher which served her well on a Thursday night trip to Mooseheads. She was full of adventure, determination, compassion, wisdom, patience, elegance and humour. From climbing mountains in the Victorian High Country, to singing the national anthem at drought relief concerts, to spending hours in Hancock library, running around the Canberra trails or walking around the lake with friends, Harriet would happily do it all. Hailing from the Southern Highlands and having been instilled with enduring country values, she continually embodied the college's values of respect, inclusivity and egalitarianism in all aspects of her life. These values enabled her to quickly break down traditional barriers of connection in ways that may take others years, to establish genuine rapport with others. She was loved and adored by so many people in the broader ANU community, this is not only reflective in all she was able to achieve whilst at the ANU but also what she'd achieved in her time before joining. She was an active member in Civic2surf, within Burgmann College (across sporting and community activities) and also in supporting our national parliament in staffing for Senator Fiona Nash. It is no small statement that Harriet managed to leave a lasting impact on those she encountered, an impact that boiled down to a respect for each individual. This is an incredible tribute to an incredible human. We miss you everyday Harriet.' Joshua Dundas

'I was fortunate to have followed in Harriet’s footsteps at GGS and at Burgmann College. In another twist of fate we both have the same name. I wish we had met, however, I feel I know Harriet as so many people have discussed her with me. Like Harriet, I am from a rural background, which only made more valuable the incredible experiences Burgmann College had to offer. It was a place to study and to make lifelong friends. I often feel that Harriet has been looking out for me all this time and her scholarship will ensure many others get to experience what we both have had at Burgmann. Harriet’s memory reminds me every day to take advantage of every opportunity at Burg and beyond.' Harriet Furphy, Burgmann alumna (2021-2023)

'I had the honour of knowing Harriet Nixon during our time together at Burgmann College, whilst studying at ANU. From day one, Harriet felt like a sister to me and I will always treasure the memories of what can only be described as the happiest and most genuine of friendships. It is difficult to think of words that truly encapsulate the character of beautiful Harriet. Her selflessness, caring nature and brilliant outlook on life were second to none, and she will always serve as an inspiration to those who were blessed to have known her. She took her studies seriously and constantly endeavoured to be the best she possibly could be. She was a familiar face at the Hancock and National Libraries, and never failed to provide advice and support to those who asked for her help. Organisation and leadership came naturally to Harriet. These attributes were particularly evident within her role as President of Civic 2 Surf, a role Harriet was so proud to have held. I distinctly remember sharing a cup of tea after Civic 2 Surf had finished its annual event, and asking if she was relieved that it was over and had been such a success. I should hardly have been surprised to receive the answer, ‘Hannah, there’s no time to be relieved, I want to start planning for next year!’ Such was her boundless energy and enthusiasm, especially when it came to causes close to her heart. It never paid to underestimate Harriet’s drive and capability, nor her aptitude to go above and beyond what was required of her. It also goes without saying that Harriet had an extremely genuine, caring and thoughtful nature. She always made time for her family and friends and is an incredible testament to Ralph, Fi and Alicia. I feel exceptionally grateful to have had her in my life. Harriet will always be missed and will continue to hold a very special place in our hearts. It is important to live in a way that honours her memory and makes her proud. For me, that means looking forward, loving life and daring to embrace opportunities that may initially have seemed out of reach. I am thankful for all of the life lessons Harriet taught me and am delighted that this scholarship has been named in her honour.' Hannah Hall, Burgmann alumna (2015-2016)