2017 Applicants news!

Dear 2017 Applicants & Parents,

Thank you for applying to make Burgmann your home in 2017!

We hope to make the last available offers by Thursday, 19th January by close of business.

Kindly refrain from contacting us to enquire on the status of applications.

We received 415 applications this year, with only around 70 available spots for undergrads and 50 for postgrads. It is a particularly difficult decision for us with such a talented pool of applicants to say the least.

In the event that you have not heard from us by 5pm on the 19th, ANU will be in contact over the next few days to offer applicants accommodation placements in one of their halls.  ANU has a 100% first year guarantee, which means that first year ANU students are guaranteed accommodation at an ANU hall.

In semester one, all halls inform their residents when transfers open.  At that stage, residents are welcome to apply for a transfer to Burgmann if we have space to accept a couple of new residents.

Congratulations on being accepted at ANU and all the best on your new journey!



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