2018 Applications date brought forward!

Dear 2018 Residential Applicants,

Please note that ANU brought their application closing date forward from 6 January 2018 to 20 December 2017!  As a result, we need to receive your supporting documents (personal statement, cv and reference(s)) no later than 20 December 2017!  Please email your supporting documents directly to reception@burgmann.anu.edu.au

When writing your personal statement, tell us how you are planning to get involved into the Burgmann Community and then we’ll decide if you’ll be a good fit.  Mention all of these things and let us see who you are and what makes you tick.  Since we don’t allow meetings/interviews with the Principal and Deputy for prospective applicants, all we have to go on is your supporting documents, so make it count.

All the best and hope to see you in 2018!




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