Burgmann Alumna to join the 2016 Texas 4000 Team

As a member of the 2016 Texas 4000 team, I have committed myself to a 70-day bike ride across the United States from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to raise hope, charity, and knowledge of cancer along the way. Texas 4000 has raised over $4.5 million for the fight against cancer and donates this money to various organizations and medical centers across the United States and Canada. My current fundraising goal is $4,500, which is $1 per mile that I will be biking on my trip. I want to inspire those I meet along the way to not give up on hope for fighting cancer and finding a cure, and take their stories with me across the country.

I personally got involved with Texas 4000 because I have experienced the effects of cancer on family and friends, and I want to do my part in finding a cure. I ride for my father, my Grandpa Mike, Grandma Linda-Anne, and friend Katie Marino. Each of these people has fought and defeated cancer and are my true inspirations. I ride for all of those affected by cancer, whether they are going through treatment themselves or are experiencing a loved one doing so.

If you have someone you would like me to ride for, please email me at kristen.stanley@utexas.edu and let me know because I would be honored to ride for everyone’s loved ones around the world. If you are interested to learn more about me and why I ride, please visit: http://www.texas4000.org/rider/2016/unassigned/kristen-stanley/



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