The St Beryl Society

Thanking You Now

Origins of the Order of St BerylIn 2022, we created the St Beryl Society to bestow special recognition on those who choose to support the College by making a bequest. We could not think of a more fitting way to honour such amazing support of the College’s mission than through Burgmann’s beloved patron saint—synonymous with the creative and visionary spirit of our community through every generation. (Read about the Origins of St Beryl at Burgmann)

When you create a gift in your Will to Burgmann College, you automatically become a member of the St Beryl Society, with benefits including:

  • Membership recognition through Burgmann publications (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
  • Invitations to special events, including an annual St Beryl Society event hosted by the Principal
  • An annual report on the impact of giving to Burgmann College
  • Regular updates on the life and activities of the Burgmann community
  • A St Beryl pin, exclusive to St Beryl Society members

Burg Day Brick Race 1972

This is our special way of saying thank you for your legacy to Burgmann’s future. Simply let us know of your bequest intention to receive your membership welcome.

Photo Captions:
1) A still from the discussion between Peter Cook and Dudley Moore on the origins of the Order of St Beryl, which inspired the adoption of St Beryl as patron saint at Burgmann College in 1971, celebrated annually since then during Burg Day.
2) Burg Day Brick Race 1972
3) A rowdy dance routine from 1972, just before the stage collapsed (Peter Garrett pictured back row centre)

Honouring Your Wishes

A rowdy dance routine from 1972, just before the stage collapsed. Peter Garrett pictured backrow centre.

We are deeply grateful to those who make a bequest to Burgmann, knowing what an important personal decision this is. The following is our commitment to honouring your legacy: 

  • That your gift will be used with care, in accordance with your wishes, to the benefit of Burgmann College residents.
  • That we will be available to answer all of your questions.
  • That we respect your prerogative to alter your intentions at any time, without question, should your circumstances or wishes change.
  • That all personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • That we will always respect your privacy and only publicly acknowledge your contribution with your permission.
  • That your gift will always be treated with respect and appreciation.
  • We recognise that your family and loved ones may also have played a part in your gift. They, likewise, will always be treated with sensitivity, courtesy and respect.



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