Burgmann College Alumni Awards

In our 50th anniversary year, we were delighted to announce the launch of the Burgmann College Alumni Awards.

Read about our inaugural recipients, here, and our 2022 winners, here.

Our Alumni Awards are designed to:

  • Recognise, encourage and reward alumni excellence, for endeavours both inside and outside the College community, at different levels of accomplishment and life stages; and
  • Recognise our outstanding volunteers and staff for their commitment to the Burgmann community.

Note: these Awards are additional to the existing Honorary Fellowship, which remains the highest Burgmann honour.

The Award Categories are:

  1. Distinguished Alumni Award: for alumni aged 35+, recognising outstanding achievement, locally, nationally and/or internationally;
  2. Outstanding Alumni Award: for younger alumni (under age 35), recognising outstanding achievement, locally, nationally and/or internationally;
  3. Burgmann Volunteer Award, recognising the outstanding contribution of a volunteer to the activities of Burgmann College within the previous calendar year (i.e. Members of Council or Committees, BCAA Executive Committee member, Chapter Chair/Representative, communications/event support, etc).
  4. Staff Recognition Award, recognising the dedicated service or outstanding contribution of any current or former member of the Burgmann College staff.

For full selection criteria and eligibility, see the Nomination Guidelines

To make a Nomination

All members of our community, including current residents, alumni, current and former staff, current and former volunteers, are eligible to make a nomination for any Award Category. To make a nomination, a brief 250-word statement is required, with supporting documentation (see the Nomination Form for more details of materials that will be accepted).

Please complete the Nomination Form for the 2023 Awards by 5pm 30 June 2023.

Note: all supporting documentation accompanying the nomination must also be received by the Advancement Office by this time.

Presentation of Awards
The 2023 Burgmann College Alumni Awards will be formally announced and presented at the Back-to-Burg Alumni & Friends Dinner, on the evening of Saturday 19 August 2023, with details also publicised through our communication channels following this event. More details to be publicised shortly.

For more information, please contact:

The Advancement Office

​Building 52, Daley Rd
​Acton, ANU, Canberra, ACT 2601
T: +61 2 6125 2254
E: alumni@burgmann.anu.edu.au



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