Burgmann College WEB 159


Meet our Management Team

Burgmann College has an exceptional Management Team who are responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all aspects of College life. Staff are committed to maintaining a family atmosphere ensuring residents feel safe, respected and included.

Alex Square

Mr Alex McKenzie

Taryn Square Picture V2

Deputy Principal
Ms Taryn Ahsing

Square Monty 1

Mr Monte Nathan

Nerrida H Square

Manager of Business & Finance
Mrs Nerrida Higgins

Square Cindy

Manager of Residential Services

Ms Cindy Watt

Margaret C Square

Deputy Manager of Residential Services
Ms Margaret Cadman

Amelia Z Square

Director of Advancement
Ms Amelia Zaraftis

Rachelle S Square

Executive Assistant to the Principal
Ms Rachelle Steer

Steve M Square

Manager of Housekeeping
Mr Steve Mundy

Ty E Square

Maintenance Team Leader (MBSFM)
Mr Ty Everett

Our Values

The College’s values of respect, inclusivity and egalitarianism have existed from its inception, thanks in particular to the vision of the College’s first Master, Professor David Griffin. Community members are proud of the College’s vibrant, caring and fun culture.

Values-aligned leadership contributes to the College’s positive resident and staff culture, shaping the behaviour, attitudes, and norms within the community. This fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where students and staff feel valued and empowered.

Our values of respect, inclusivity and egalitarianism continue to define who we are, how we live and work together.