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Welcome to Homer & Barassi

The College's two original residential wings were named by residents early in 1970s, 'Homer' after the legendary Greek poet responsible for both the Iliad and the Odyssey, not after a certain television show! 'Barassi' was named after Australian Rules player and coaching legend, Ron Barassi AM. Most undergraduates will be located within these two wings.

Each wing has three floors with two resident advisors (RAs) living at each end of the floor. All floors have a different theme, chosen by the RAs at the start of the year. The hub of activity on each floor is the convo area - a recess in the middle of the floor with lounge chairs for informal gatherings. Every fortnight the RAs host Tim Tams in convo, a social get together over a few packets of Tim Tams to chat, discuss floor events and relax. Kitchenettes are found on each floor adjacent to convos. They have communal refrigerators, microwaves and toasters.

About your room

  • Each room is supplied with a bed and mattress protector, pillow and pillow protector, desk, adjustable desk chair, bookshelf, wardrobe, fan, bin, mirror, and hand basin.
  • Each room has an ethernet port, multiple power outlets and central heating. Wi-Fi is also available.
  • You need to supply and launder your own bed linen and towels, there are laundry facilities on each floor.
  • Bathrooms, which are unisex, are shared on a shower-to-student ratio of about 1:6.
  • Residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms with pictures, posters and ornaments.
  • Rooms are allocated to new and returning residents by the College over the summer vacation.
  • Please note that residents are not permitted to cook in their rooms

Single Rooms

There are 195 single rooms including three with disabled access. Single rooms are available to all residents. Many single rooms feature a 'Tardis' named after the tv show Dr Who because it's bigger on the inside than looks from the outside. The 'Tardis' rooms contain a hand basin and plenty of storage space.

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Larger Rooms

There are a limited number of larger rooms available in the undergraduate wings. Demand typically exceeds the number available. The College looks to allocate these rooms to those residents who provide a significant contribution to the Burgmann college community by having Leadership roles.

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Convo, Kitchenette & Laundry

The convo is a relaxed area in the middle and end of each floor that allows residents to sit together in a relaxed area on lounges. There is a television, sofa and small side table in the larger convo area at the end of each wing.

The kitchenette is positioned next to the middle convo and contains a communal fridge, microwave, toaster, sandwich toaster and is regularly stocked with bread and milk by the college. This area allows residents to store their own drinks and prepare snacks in-between the main meals supplied in the dining hall. It is the responsibility of residents on each floor to keep their kitchenette clean and tidy.

A utilities room on the other side of the middle convo contains recycling bins and a shoe rack. There is a laundry room at the end of each floor that contains washing machines and dryers. Use of laundry facilities is free at Burgmann however residents supply their own washing powder.

Main corridors near the lift and stairwell provide alternative sitting areas that residents can use.

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