Future Students


While rewarding, we know that university can also be a challenging time for our students, which is why their mental and physical wellbeing is our top priority.

Burgmann provides 24/7 support through the Residential Advisor Team which is overseen by the College Dean.

When further support is required, residents can speak with the College Dean, Deputy Principal or Principal of the College for advice on a range of topics. If the staff don’t feel they are best placed to help a resident, they may refer students to counselling or other support services.

What sets Burgmann apart from other Colleges at the ANU is that our Principal, Deputy Principal and College Dean all live onsite and can respond to incidents if necessary.

Information for parents and loved ones

At Burgmann College, we believe in fostering independence and empowering our residents to develop their autonomy.

By encouraging residents to initiate reaching out for support we build their confidence and equip them with essential life skills. We understand that as parents or loved ones, you may have concerns about a resident and may want to help. To provide clarity, we have developed some FAQs so that you know what you can expect from the college.