Matthew Lobb Alumni Meetup Sydney 2024

BCAA President Update | Autumn 2024

The Burgmann story has always balanced continuity and change. Our active, democratic and robust culture established itself from the get-go, and many generations of residents have sustained it through the years. Haircuts, music and technology may be different across the eras, but the Burgmann spirit links us all.

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BCAA President Matthew Lobb (bottom row, far left) with Burgmann mates.

New leadership for Burgmann College

Change started early for Burgmann in 2024 with the appointment of a new Principal. I am delighted to say, after an open and extensive recruitment process, College Council appointed Burgmann alumnus Mr Alex McKenzie to the position. Alex started his professional career as a behavioural economist, but returned to the Burgmann orbit as Dean, Deputy Principal and now Principal. He brings an intelligent and collaborative leadership style and a deep passion for the Burgmann way. We wish him every success stewarding the controlled chaos of College life.

Regional and international Burgmann get-togethers in 2024

The best part of the Burgmann experience is the enduring friendships we establish. Though we head off to new adventures, there’s nothing better than catching up with your old Burgmann mates.

The BCAA sees our key role in helping you catch up with old friends. In addition to a number of events at Burgmann itself, this year we will have get-togethers in:

Why not host your own?

I also encourage you to organise your own ‘spontaneous’ events (we are happy to help you with promotion). I know some years have regular catch-ups, but I’d like to give an example of one from my era.

The irrepressible James Panaretos (1988–1990) thought that the return from London of his dear friend and Burg legend, Andrew ‘Henty’ Wettern (1988–1990), was a good excuse for a late-’80s get-together just before last Christmas.

Old contacts were dusted off, and WhatsApp went into overload. Through great wit, and a degree of sledging, commitments were made to travel huge distances to make it.

With excitement and a little trepidation, we rocked up to the appropriately-named Australia Heritage Hotel, and the rest is history. Old friends confirming what we already knew.

2024 Alumni Award nominations now open

One of the best parts about reunions is catching up on life journeys. Everyone has a story to tell about pursing passions, facing challenges, finding success. We need to celebrate this.

Each year the BCAA present two awards: The 'Distinguished Alumni Award' (for alumni aged 35+), and the 'Outstanding Alumni Award' for younger alumni (under age 35).

We want to make sure we get a wide cross section of terrific achievements and contributions, so I encourage you to nominate an alum you feel deserves recognition for their contributions and Burgie spirit.

Read more about the awards, then use our special form to nominate a fellow Burgie here.

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