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New Bruadarach Award Sponsored

It is with great joy that we announce Alumnus Casey White and his family sponsored the annual Bruadarach Award.

Bruadarach is the Scottish Gaelic for Visionary. The heart and vision behind this medal is to reward the visionary ideas of students at the ANU and to pay homage to the visionary spirit of the Scottish clans which the donor is a descendent of.

The Bruadarach Medal is awarded to a resident of Burgmann College who has shown an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in providing an educationally beneficial experience outside of the normal student experience channels of the Burgmann Residents’ Association.

These experiences include:

· A program or event that expands the cultural understanding of residents and brings together students of different social groups.

· A program or event that takes students abroad to showcase sporting, cultural or academic talents.

· A program or event that expands the reach of college residents further into the ANU community and the other Colleges/Halls and Lodges on the campus.

The stories of the Bruadarach Medal will inspire others to genuinely change the residential education experience for the betterment of students into the future. An example of this kind of experience is the Daley Road Singers International Touring Choir Project.

Read about the inspiring stories from the Bruadarach Medal recipients from 2016-2020.


A selection of residents will be chosen by the Principal and Deputy Principal of the College and then presented to the donor for consultation in the selection of the medal winner.


The recipient of the Medal will have expressed their entrepreneurial spirit, as noted above, and will be a full time student of both the Australian National University and a returning resident to Burgmann College.


The award will be given annually. The recipient will be awarded with the Bruadarach Medal, a Certificate, $2000 in prize money, and recognition on the Bruadarach Honour Shield on the Burgmann College Dining Room Wall.

Bruadarach shield 2 0
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