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Scones and recollections with foundation resident Judy Middlebrook

Avid historian and foundation resident Judy Middlebrook (1971–1980) shared homemade scones and archival riches with Principal Sally Renouf and then-Acting Principal Amelia Zaraftis in March 2021.

Sally and Amelia were treated to home-made scones with a selection of delicious locally made jams from neighbourhood fruit trees during a March visit to the Queanbeyan home of Foundation Resident and Honorary Fellow Judy Middlebrook.

Judy is known to have saved much of the College’s history from being lost, having collected and archived early photo albums, objects and other documents, at a time when they were considered by others to be unimportant.

During the visit, Judy shared the Autumn 1979 College Newsletter. The headline article, 'Council sets direction for future development', not only had resonance for the College’s 50th year but also a reference to nearby building development, showing the cyclical nature of history. An article by then-Master Trevor Wigney mentioned the imposition of a new architectural feature in the landscape, referring to the partially built Black Mountain Tower as a ‘monstrosity’!

Scones 2
Alumna and Honorary Fellow Judy Middlebrook with then-Acting Principal Amelia Zaraftis & Principal Sally Renouf ’s daughter Ava Photo credit: Sally Renouf
Amelia judy sally 2021 commencement 002
Amelia, Judy and Sally at Commencement, also in March
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