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Afternoon tea with Bishop Burgmann's daughter Dorothy Bennett

Ms Dorothy Bennett, daughter of Bishop Ernest Henry Burgmann, after whom our College is named, was delighted to hear about the new Master Plan and vision for ‘Burg Space’ over afternoon tea with Principal Sally Renouf, Sally's daughter Ava, and then-Acting Principal Amelia Zaraftis.

Sally, Ava and Amelia shared a lovely afternoon tea with Dorothy in March. Dorothy was most interested to hear about the new Master Plan and the College’s vision for the purpose-built ‘Burg Space’, as well as the work the College is doing with its Reconciliation Action Plan.

Dorothy shared the following message with us:

'My warm congratulations to Burgmann College on the 50th Anniversary of its foundation. My father, Ernest Burgmann, believed strongly that only through an education system that encouraged each individual to achieve her or his full potential would we have a harmonious society that valued each person. He believed education was not just to fit a person for a job but to equip them for life.

'He would be proud to have his name associated with Burgmann College with its emphasis on so many of the ideals for which he worked throughout his life. I am sure the next 50 years will continue to build on the achievements of the first 50.'

Dorothy amelia and ava 1 1
Dorothy Bennett with then-Acting Principal Amelia Zaraftis and Principal Sally Renouf's daughter Ava. Photo Credit: Sally Renouf
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