Financial Assistance

What Financial Assistance is Available?

The College provides several forms of financial assistance to ANU students resident at Burgmann.  They include scholarships and bursaries under meritorious and equity criteria, including community awareness, that reflects the overall ethos of Burgmann.

They are selected from those applicants who can demonstrate all three of the following:
a)    Academic merit
b)    Financial need
c)    Evidence of any kind of community contribution either at a previous education establishment, or with a charity organisation,  a church etc.

A personal contribution to the life at Burgmann is an important part of living at the College.

Financial Assistance is granted upon the recommendation of the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee of the Council.

Bursaries are usually awarded for one academic or residential year and are available to both new and returning residents. Application forms are available on the Burgmann website from October onwards. The closing date for applications for returning residents is 23 November 2016 and for new residents is 4 January 2017.

Because demand for bursaries and scholarships is high, it is not possible to assist every applicant.  Also, while an application may be made for both a bursary and a scholarship, it is not possible to hold both concurrently.  The Committee reserves the right not to grant bursaries or scholarships where it is of the view that there is insufficient merit or need.

Burgmann College Bursaries

Bursaries are available for both new residents and continuing residents. The criteria for the award of bursaries is based on financial need, academic merit and community contribution (see above) with the primary weighting on financial need. Funds are currently available for the award of up to six bursaries per annum of up to $5,000 each. Bursaries are not available for residents choosing to occupy a double room. Bursary awards are confidential. All bursaries and scholarships take the form of a reduction in term fees.

Burgmann College Scholarships

Scholarships are available for new residents at Burgmann College either undergraduate or postgraduate. The criteria for the award of scholarships is the same as for bursaries (academic merit, financial need and community contribution – see above), but with a primary weighting on academic merit.  Funds are currently available for the award of up to three scholarships of $5,000 each. All bursaries and scholarships take the form of a reduction in term fees.

Burgmann Price Scholarship

An annual award the Scholarship Committee selects from Australian applicants who are recent or first generation migrant, regional and/or indigenous students and who will be a resident of Burgmann College in that year. Selection is on academic merit, the students’ need for financial support and their contribution to the community. Please see information below.

Scholarships to Schools

The College offers a small number of Residential Scholarships to targeted schools who select a winner from their final year students who are intending to attend the ANU. The aim is to extend the sphere of the College and to create a wider awareness of Burgmann, especially interstate in the senior secondary levels. For more information please contact the Manager Business and Finance on

Other Financial Assistance

Tuckwell Scholarship

Charles Hawker Scholarship

ANU Scholarships

Northrop Grumman Scholarships


How do I apply for a financial assistance?

Application forms are available by downloading the application form here.  Applications are now open for 2018.  Please pay particular attention to the Application Closing Dates!

Further Information

For further information please contact the Manager Business and Finance, Nerrida Higgins, by telephone +61 2 6125 6081 or at